For International Students and Instructors

For Students

Each semester we tutor many international students and instructors who have met our ESL pre-requisites (completion of the (pre-ESL) IIEP program, if applicable, and a grade of C or better in both ESL Oral Skills and Listening Skills) on such issues as:

  • Participating in discussion classes
  • Casual conversation in or out of class
  • Understanding assignments, and avoiding plagiarism on assignments
  • Comprehending cultural references and unfamiliar vocabulary in assigned and unassigned reading
  • Crafting and delivering speeches
  • Improving public speaking skills

We provide one-on-one and small group instruction to students who want to improve their speaking performance in any course or domain of university life. Instruction is tailored to students' individual needs and includes help with

  • Delivery techniques
  • Methods of organizing material
  • Strategies for effective presentations
  • Ideas for starting and keeping up with conversations
  • Options for preparing and practicing speeches
  • Methods of generating and using responses to speeches for further improvement

If you are a non-native speaker of English, please read the following ESL Policy before registering for an appointment:

Our services are open to all University of Iowa undergraduates and graduate students who have completed all IIEP (pre-ESL) requirements, if applicable, and who have completed ESL Oral Skills and Listening Skills with a grade of C or better.

For Instructors

The Speaking Center is also a resource for University of Iowa Professors and Graduate Teaching Assistants. Our tutors work with instructors on topics including:

  • Designing and delivering effective lectures
  • Overcoming speech anxiety and organizing presentations
  • Improving classroom dynamics
  • Thesis and dissertation defenses
  • Readings and other performances
  • Job interviews
  • Conference presentations