For Instructors

Teaching Consultations

We are eager to help instructors across campus with all aspects of public speaking. Our collective experience working with students and instructors across campus and from around the world has given us insight that we would like to share with other instructors, and we welcome all interested instructors at The University of Iowa to sign up for up to three appointments per week with us to discuss any issue of interest to you.

We are particularly interested in helping individual instructors and small groups of instructors:

  • Devise clear speaking assignments and rubrics
  • Feel comfortable in front of the class
  • Learn to fairly and effectively assess student performances
  • Recognize and address the concerns of their international students, who may benefit from having more context to supplement culturally-focused readings and who may come from very different educational systems with different classroom styles
  • Foster effective classroom dynamics
  • Ensure that all students can access their reading assignments
  • Going on the job market
  • Deliver poster and conference presentations
  • Feel comfortable in all aspects of teaching and professional life

If you are an international instructor, our staff members who are lecturers in the ESL and IIEP programs can assist you further as well. Each semester, we have the good fortune to tutor many instructors on such issues as:

  • Leading discussion classes and sections
  • Understanding citation formats and helping students avoid plagiarism on assignments
  • Comprehending cultural references and unfamiliar vocabulary in class and reading
  • Crafting and delivering lectures and presentations

We encourage all instructors, experienced as well as less experienced, who would like to discuss any aspect of teaching to sign up for an appointment to discuss your ideas with one of our teaching consultants. Sign-up is available via the "Make an Appointment" link at the top of the page.

Classroom visits

While we cannot teach speaking-related course sessions for insturctors, Speaking Center tutors are happy to visit classrooms and offer brief overviews of the Speaking Center and its resources to students. If you are interested in booking a classroom visit from one of our tutors, please do the following:

  1. Click on the "Make an Appointment" button at the top of this page.
  2. Once signed in (create an account if necessary), please book a regular appointment with a tutor whose tutoring time corresponds with your class's meeting time. We cannot offer classroom visits outside of our normal tutoring hours.
  3. If your class meets a significant distance away from the English-Philosophy Building, please book two sessions back-to-back so that our tutor will have time to reach your class.
  4. In the description section when you book the appointment, please state that you would like a classroom visit, and give the name and location of your course.
  5. You should receive an emailed confirmation that your appointment has been booked when you submit the form. Ignore the information in the email; our tutor will follow the instructions you leave in your appointment form!

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