About Us

The Speaking Center, housed in the Rhetoric Department in Rooms 410, 412, and 414 EPB, offers quality, one-on-one and small group tutoring and consultation to students and instructors on campus who would like to work on any aspect of oral communication.

We work with a range of students from many disciplines on such issues as:

  • effective participation in class discussions
  • becoming comfortable with casual conversation in and out of class
  • crafting and delivering oral presentations
  • understanding unfamiliar cultural references
  • interview skills
  • creative performances
  • speech anxiety

We also work with instructors on:

  • crafting clear assignments
  • fostering classroom presence
  • ensuring that all students can access their reading assignments
  • going on the job market
  • delivering poster and conference presentations

You may reserve a maximum of three 25 minute appointments each week (only two of these may be consecutive). Appointments are reserved on-line starting the first day of a new semester. Appointments are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.